Best for Brunch

Best for Brunch
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by Hannah Gray

Brunching is a treasured national pastime. It’s an event where cocktails before noon are not only appropriate but encouraged and eating too much while gossiping with friends is welcomed. Atlanta happens to be a city full of innovative, exciting and sometimes even downright funky spots to test out the brunch scene, and lucky for you (and us) we tested out some of the hottest local locations of the moment. And if you’re looking to get your brunch on immediately, this Saturday March 3 is your best bet courtesy of the Atlanta Brunch Festival. Taking place in the Historic 4th Ward Park, the event features live music to act as the soundtrack to eating and drinking away the afternoon. We’ll see you there!


Dish Dive Kitchen
Comfiest Comfort Food Around + Delivery for When Getting Out of Bed is Too Much
~$7-$15 (subject to change)
Sundays are hardly complete without some serious brunching, which is why a visit to Dish Dive Kitchen is an imperative weekend activity. Boasting only market fresh ingredients purchased daily, the restaurant only sits 16 inside and 16 outside, so if you’re jonesing for some exquisite yet affordable food, head there. 

2233 College Avenue NE

FOLK ART: The Southern Folk Sandwich. Photo by Marco Alarcon.

FOLK ART: The Southern Folk Sandwich. Photo by Marco Alarcon.

Folk Art Cafe
Diner-Style Deliciousness + Full.Bar. Need we say more?
Inman Park
If Guy Fieri finds Folk Art Cafe worthy of a visit from his show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”, then the food is guaranteed to be deliciously different. Touting dishes such as the Southern staple, fried chicken and waffles, and savory selections like the lobster benedict, this Inman Park spot is well-loved — and it’s clear why. A rustic vibe courtesy of exposed brick and delightfully worn wood floors serves as the perfect backdrop to enjoy the drool-worthy menu. And it doesn’t hurt that the spot is also home to a full bar, rounding out the reasons why a weekend brunch at Folk Art Cafe is always a good idea.

465 North Highland Avenue NE

THE GENERAL MUIR: The Maven Platter and the Bar and Coffee Counter. Photos by Andrew Thomas Lee. 

THE GENERAL MUIR: The Maven Platter and the Bar and Coffee Counter. Photos by Andrew Thomas Lee. 

The General Muir
Delicatessen Delights: Jewish Deli, Atlanta-fied

Emory Point
$9-$13 (entree)
Bagels and brunch are the weekend’s gifts, so bagels for brunch are like the ultimate present. General Muir’s has a bagel selection even a New York City deli would be envious of. But if bagels don’t satisfy your brunch dreams, the rest of the menu definitely will. Smoked hash, poached eggs and grits, and pecan-crusted french toast appeal to even the pickiest palate. And if that’s still not enough, the restaurant’s atmosphere is a total deal-maker. Subway-tiled walls and checkered floors give this space the feel of a super high class diner.

1540 Avenue Place Suite B-230


Home Grown
Getting Back to Basics: Vegetarian-friendly, No Frills, Southern Home-Cooking

$7-$18 (entree)
The brunch menu at Home Grown is basically like looking at a list of all the best flavors the South has to offer and more. The dishes are straightforward and unfussy, which is a refreshing feature in an era of trendy and edgy cuisine (Ruffles potato chips and onion dip are the first item on the menu if you need a sense of how classic this joint is). Post-brunch, a walk poke around Sew Thrifty, the restaurants thrift store is a good way to awaken from your food coma. And when you make your way back — because of course your cravings will drive you there — check out the breakfast favorite, the Comfy Chicken Biscuit, and we promise you’ll never stop by Chick-fil-A ever again.

968 Memorial Dr SE

Le Petit Marché
Tastes Like Homemade But Better + Breakfast Served All Day, Everyday, As It Should Be
All you really need to know about Le Petit Marché is that they are home to The Grits Stack. In just one bowl there are savory grits, scrambled eggs, cheddar, marinated shrimp AND bacon. But if that doesn’t make you start drooling, dishes like The Chipolte Shrimp Po Boy or the Croquettes definitely will. With quaint decor and an at-home feel, this spot is a local gem demanding to be explored and appreciated….

1984 Hosea L. Williams Drive

Poor Calvin’s
Cocktails With a Side of Fusion + Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Friendly
$16-$17 (entree)
Fusion cuisine is hardly a revolutionary concept, but when done well it’s something to celebrate. Vietnamese by birth, owner and chef Calvin Phan was raised and classically trained in Germany and this international upbringing is reflected on the menu. Classic breakfasts dishes such as omelettes are topped off with Japanese mayo, and the essential Southern grits are elevated with a taste of Thai curry. Poor Calvin’s isn’t the place to get a typical all-American meal, but who says that’s a bad thing?

510 Piedmont Ave NE

Ria’s Bluebird
Egg-cellent Food and Service + Brunch served all day AND Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly
Grant Park
If you have a hankering for some good egg-centric brunch dishes, Ria’s Bluebird is the place to hit. And since it’s vegetarian/vegan options are solid and plenty, your brunch plans just got more inclusive. The space itself is equally as inclusive. With an open atmosphere and a comfortable, homey interior, Ria’s Bluebird will inevitably become a regular weekend haunt.

421 Memorial Dr. SE


Pho-sho the tastiest bowls ITP + Dominate
 Pho King Challenge to win a $50 gift certificate and Tee
East Atlanta
$9-$13 (entree)
If we’re being totally transparent, (some) brunches are spent hungover. Therefore, a revitalizing meal is in order. A big steaming bowl of pho accompanied by a spicy bloody mary should do the trick and cure whatever may ail you. And if pho seems like an inappropriate brunch item, that’s only because you haven’t tasted Soba’s take on Vietnam’s priceless contribution to the earth. There are three sizes of bowls to choose from, but Saturday and Sunday’s special, The Hangover Helper, offers a medium bowl plus a Bloody Mary for only $12. We’ll see you there this weekend.

560 Gresham Ave.

WATERSHED: Dreamy biscuits and Zeb Stevenson's Chicken and Dumplings. 

WATERSHED: Dreamy biscuits and Zeb Stevenson's Chicken and Dumplings. 

Bumpin’ Bluesy Brunch + the Indigo Girls. Enough said.  

Moderately Priced
Brookwood Hills
What is classier than noshing on some beignets while the sound of smooth jazz permeates through the air? Watershed knows this situation to be the peak of class and thus graced the Atlanta area with the opportunity to relax, imbibe and fill up on traditional Southern fare such as shrimp and grits. Bonus: co-owner, Emily Saliers is of Indigo Girl fame, solidifying the notion that Watershed is the pinnacle of all things Southern.

1820 Peachtree Rd NW

WEST EGG: Banana Bread French Toast and Pimento Cheese and Bacon Omelette. Photos by B. Johnson. 

WEST EGG: Banana Bread French Toast and Pimento Cheese and Bacon Omelette. Photos by B. Johnson. 

West Egg Cafe
West Egg Best Egg: All Day Breakfast is What Dreams Are Made Of
$9-$14 (entree)
All-day brunch on Saturdays and Sundays make the rest of the week days worth it. And West Egg Cafe’s menu makes it doubly worth it. With dishes like The Peachtree Plate (two eggs, pimento cheese grits, fried green tomatoes, brown sugar bacon and biscuit) and Challah French Toast, this spot is the right mix of classic Southern taste and fusion-style dishes. But most importantly, West Egg Cafe is serious about coffee, just as any good brunch place should be. Exclusively serving Batdorf and Bronson beans, which are roasted locally — just two miles down the road from the restaurant — and served quickly for ultimate freshness. Foodies and coffee aficionados alike will find something to crave at West Egg Cafe.  

1100 Howell Mill Road


Tova Gelfond is VP of B. Men