ChooseATL x SXSW

ChooseATL x SXSW

by Zoe Aron

You know Atlanta is great, we know Atlanta is great, but does the rest of the country know Atlanta is great? ChooseATL is wanting to make sure everyone does. As a city filled with vibrant culture, colorful diversity, industry leaders and forward-thinking individuals, Atlanta boasts an exceptional quality of life that everyone, regardless of their profession and background, can enjoy and call home. By highlighting the food scene, the outdoor scene and the music scene, in addition to featuring different companies and Atlantans on their website for all to see, ChooseATL “is focused on telling a comprehensive story about Atlanta to attract and retain top talent and intentionally grow the region’s prosperity in the global economy,” according to Kate Atwood, vice president of ChooseATL.

To further spread that message, ChooseATL is headed to South by Southwest this weekend along with tens of thousands of bright-minded individuals, many of which happen to be millennials. As the premiere annual event for music, film and interactive media (which happen to be some of Atlanta’s most influential industries), SXSW is the ideal venue to showcase the vibrancy and rare energy Atlanta possesses.

But Atlanta is only as great as the people that make up the city, and will only remain great if those of us living and working here are great as well. Atwood highlights this point, mentioning that “Atlanta’s value will increasingly be based on the depth and quality of our talent pool.” And according to her, the key to talent acquisition and retention lies within the millennial generation. Millennials “desire different things in their lives and in their careers. Moving somewhere for a job is more than just a job. They want to be able to be immersed in the culture of a city,” Atwood says. "They’re interested in the food and music scenes. They also long to make an impact on the city they call home.”

So on March 13 and 14 the Austin Speakeasy at SXSW will be renamed the ChooseATL house and will be filled entirely with “programming that will show off the hustle and hospitality of our people, and the culture of our booming region … aimed at attracting millennials to our opportunity rich city in order to fuel economic development.”

A preview of what will be highlighted at the ChooseATL house? “Film, tech, music and everything in between,” says Atwood. The founders of Yik Yak will speak about the tech industry as well as the start-up world, representatives and producers from The Walking Dead will emphasize why Atlanta was just named the #1 city for filmmakers to live and work, and hip-hop legend Killer Mike and music executive Shanti Das will educate all with their tales of the music industry.

The ChooseATL house surely will put Atlanta on the map at SXSW. “It’s going to make an impact like no other,” Atwood says.