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Kit + Ace Opens At PCM

FASHIONZoe AronComment
Kit + Ace Opens At PCM

by Zoe Aron

Kit and Ace is the latest brand fashion lovers need to familiarize themselves with. Founded last year, it is spreading across not only the nation but the world, and its latest locale is right here in Atlanta at Ponce City Market (with another store soon to open in Buckhead Atlanta). Here’s what you need to know:


1. They’re cut from the same cloth as Lululemon (well, kind of): Kit and Ace is founded by Shannon and JJ Wilson, the wife and son of Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon. While traveling abroad and living overseas, Shannon and her son JJ had the idea to create their own clothing brand when they realized that functional clothes and performance wear are pretty much only made of spandex-y and stretchy material. Though this look appeals to some in the activewear scene, the mother-son-duo took it upon themselves to create a brand of clothing that “offered the same functionality but met their desire for sophistication, style and luxury.” But don’t get it twisted — according to Anna Cordon, PR representative for Kit and Ace, the lineage is all the two brands share (well, besides a location at PCM, that is). “Beyond a family tie … we have no association with Lululemon. Kit and Ace makes streetwear with technical attributes so that it is suited to movement. However, we do not create athletic-wear,” Cordon says.

2. They have their own trademarked line of fabrics: Mixing fashion with practicality, Kit and Ace created a fabric called Technical Cashmere made of cashmere and technical fibres with added stretch. This special type of cashmere is machine washable and dryer-friendly, making it one step ahead of many other products on the market. Kit and Ace products are seamless and offer fabric designs innovated to be “more comfortable, more hygienic, offer better protection, versatility and style.” Technical Cashmere is the first of many different fabrics Kit and Ace is unveiling in their line of Technical Luxury products.

3. Each store tailors itself to the local environment and surroundings: Though Kit and Ace has 50+ locations spanning across 5 countries and 4 continents, the brand personalizes each store to its precise location. At the Ponce City Market location, the “shop design incorporates at least a 30 percent local build-out, incorporating custom ‘hyper-local’ elements created for us by designers and craftsmen from Atlanta,” Cordon shares. Some works of art you can look forward to seeing at Kit and Ace include Mary Caroline Russell’s iconic photograph “Silent Friends,” Ann Stewart’s 3D printed sculptures, along with The Wall, “a gallery space found in each shop which features local artists on a rotating basis,” Cordon adds.

4. You can track the origin of your clothes all the way from the beginning of their creation: In this day and age, it is safe to be weary of where your clothes come from. The materials, the factories they were made in, the workers working on them — all these things are blurry. But in the case of Kit and Ace, they make tracking the origins of your garments easy as can be. Just head over to their website to follow the creation of Technical Cashmere garments starting with their sourcing from “happy goats” in both Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, China. A note for all you animal lovers: the goats go completely unharmed through the process because the cashmere is collected once a year (in April when they are naturally losing their thicker, winter hair) with a wide-tooth wired comb, leaving their coats for lighter for summer.

Make sure to stop by Kit and Ace in Ponce City Market for clothing that suits both your active lifestyle as well as your aesthetic appearance!

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